Monday, June 23, 2008

complaining and distraction

I broke my left foot 9 days ago, and I'm still sad and disappointed. The above picture is NOT my foot, but the fracture is almost identical to mine. The pain, swelling and bruising, the impossibility of sleeping in my own bed until a week after it happened, the exhaustion of getting around on crutches, the inability to carry anything in my hands from one place to another--it's all just a huge bummer. It's the beginning of summer, I was looking forward to riding my bike to work every day, we're going on vacation to the mountains in less than two weeks, my car has a manual transmission and therefore I can't drive it--and I have a long 8 weeks of healing ahead of me. Jed is being great about it all but I'm sure he's going to reach his threshold of how many times he can refill my water glass. I seem to have lost my appetite for food and gained a touch of insomnia. This is my life now and it both sucks and blows.


  • I have gotten really good at carrying items: with two fingers, in a tote bag, on my head, and under my chin
  • Crutches are an amazing upper body workout. My arms are rockin.
  • At some point I will be able to put some weight on it and walk around.
  • I only broke one bone in my foot--not my leg, or my head.
  • I was able to borrow my mother-in-law's sweet Subaru Forester (which she can't drive because she has a broken wrist) and now Jed and I have His-n-Hers Foresters.
  • The bruises are lots of crazy colors.
  • When I look back on this it won't seem as endless as it feels now.
  • I can't think of anything else.
I think it helps to get it out, but I'm also tired of hearing myself complain about it. It's impossible to forget about because it affects every move I make. So now I'm just trying to distract myself with good books, knitting projects, music, TV on DVD, etc.--trying to make my fun leisure activities feel more productive. Remind myself that there's stuff I like to do, and stuff I like about life, that doesn't involve the use of both my feet.

So I give you, in no particular order, my two favorite Beatles songs:
I've Just Seen a Face and Only a Northern Song.


Sarah & Matt said...

How did you break it Anne?! Omigosh...I'm SO sorry. :( What a bummer! Hey, you, Flynn, and I need to get together...I miss our dinner dates. :(

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Anonymous said...
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