Thursday, May 8, 2008

those are my boys (and girl)

Phish won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jammys--which are what you might guess: the awards ceremony for the jamband world. Here they are, in what might be their first time on a stage together since 2003:

My favorite local band Cornmeal was honored with New Groove of the Year, as a band that is gaining national recognition on the scene. Gone are the days when I could go see them for free in a tiny bar and have plenty of room to rock out right up front. I met my husband in that tiny room with that band. I'm happy for them, but I miss those days because hey, that's *my* band. They're my buddies, not jamband rock stars. At any rate, they have earned every ounce of recognition they get, and happen to be very kind people that make great music. I have played them for people with zero interest in bluegrass or jambands and made fans of them. I took this two years ago at Summercamp:

Have a listen. One of their best songs, River Gap, has a friendly little mention of yours truly :)

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