Wednesday, October 17, 2007

swearing at work? f**k yeah!

I can't quite explain why I've always felt a tiny wave of delight when one of my coworkers or supervisors lets loose with a little profanity.

Well, when I was teaching preschool profanity wasn't so delightful. Out of the mouth of a small child it was usually hilarious ("Can I say dammit? My mommy doesn't like when I say dammit. Do you let me say dammit?"), but never acceptable, so needless to say I developed quite a strong censor on my trucker's mouth.

Post-career change, I spend my days with adults and the occasional PG-13 language has been known to escape our lips. I love it! And today I found out why swearing at work delights me so much: it actually boosts morale.


Timothy said...

I just read about that at Slashdot. I don't know how many of my clients would like that, but at the office, I let the expletives fly!

Tom said...

I find it especially fun and "team building" when I'm ripping someone a new one. :)